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As the day went by, it got really cold and rainy. Reminded me of this song and as I watched the video, I noticed the freackin-awesome great photography it had (shots and stuff, is it called that way?)
I´m loving these days, sometimes we need them as much as sunny ones.


Add to this picture, as if it was the soundtrack of the day, Paradise by Coldplay. Pure magic right?
This is how a thursday afternoon looks like for me these days. Means being stuck in traffic for an hour and a half to get home, but honestly it’s worth it when you get to see this beautiful trees along the way!! Not to mention the part when I get to this road where you can see the volcano as background, with all the clouds going right behind it, at sunset.
I mean, you gotta love the contrast (of course this is a pixtrix) of the bright blue/orange/pink sky with the rooty branches, the silhouette of the volcano and… Yes, buildings. Live it looks even better, but as you know my country isn’t a very safe place to be going around with a high-def camera, so I settle with the one of blackberry. I wish you would find the beauty and the sweet (positive) side of every moment you live, even the not very happy ones, as being in traffic.

Las cosas pequeñas

Listening to mellow sweet music makes me realiz how life’s so great, and how little stuff count as if they were whale-big things. On our daily life we usually don’t notice what’s around us and how it make an impact, if we just stop and looked us we would be so much more of a better person to us and everyone. i remember me as a kid, on the back of the car riding to school and staring at my feet and staying amazed and scared by how I could be moving and being alive. Yes, this sounds stupid and it’s the most stupid post by far, but it’s all about being that naive and innocent as we may, going thru life questioning everything and being curious of the smallest stuff. Past 3 years I’ve learned that it’s the details that count, yep, they make the difference. Please next time you go out, stare at the sky with your head way back till it hurts. Appreciate and cherish

doesn't get any better

doesn’t get any better


I’m beyond inlove with them, ever since I was on highschool they got to me real fast, are my very very favorite musicians ever!!
I remember listening to all of they’re songs on repeat over and over and I liked them even more each time, although my family got sick of them 🙂 They sure are great and I get really inspired by listening to them, and as well I travel back then to those fun days.

It’s 11pm.

I usually have a bad time updating this. Though I love going thru “Freshly Pressed” posts and finding GREAT inspiration for literally everything. I’m such and artsy person and I wish the world would revolve around it. Does it?


… well, for me it kinda does.

Sea her dance


She is quite strange to see, but she is all that she can be. Free of life, free to dance.

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