I don´t mind how crazy, loud and dirty my dog can be, i’ts still the best company ever.

Chilee as in Chilli.. love

GOD, what’s up with me.. haven’t post anything! just yet..

as if my love for Chile wasn’t big enough for me to be thinking about a job, studies, family over there. Amo Chile. I ust do recently. This i found a few hours ago and honestly liked it a lot. Basic info of the project.

Proyecto: Taller Gonzalo Mardones Viviani
Arquitecto: Gonzalo Mardones Viviani
Localización: Santiago, Chile
Iluminación: Paulina Sir
Constructor: Horacio Rodríguez
Muebles: Orlando Gatica, Mario Galdames
Fecha: Marzo 2008
Área: 500 m2
Patio: 120 m2

and few pictures of the spaces, i’m digging WHITE ROOMS and lightnings 



Architect: Frank O. Gehry.

Not a fan, though I love and with this picture I now get what was he rooting for. the simplicity of the materials used in this museum, are meant to be perceived differently from the pieces of art displayed in these plazas they have at every surrounding area of the building.  Yeah, I’m many times the girl that gets it with drawings. Lie, haha. What I’ve always disliked are the organic forms that in my opinion are taken to extremes and always trying to lead the view. Not necessary if you ask but still, in this specific project of Gehry, i think he did great! Gehry you weird.


Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao, Spain.

PS. I loved this dog and its colors. Cool picture.

el encanto de mi profesión

Por eso no lo cambio por nada, aunque a veces los trabajos sean estresantes y dejen canas, siempre encontramos y regresamos a esos detalles que los hacen fascinantes.


random. posteando luego.

Teatro de Efraín Recinos

Teatro de Efraín Recinos

I’m doing some research about space and volume, I randomly came across with this blog. Not going to say anything else because you really need to check it out. I LOVE the first photo, ADMIRE the man you see in them and ADORE the space of the national theater, in general, this is what we call ours.Bummed I couldn’t get the picture I took with Efraín Recinos, I love his artwork. Check out his site:  Like how colorful everything is.

ps. you should see the view form the rooftop. it’s so amazing. I’ll post a picture of that later.

what I´m looking for, kind of

“…I wish they all stopped crying, cause what i want and what i need, is and will always be free.” NOW PLAYING. God, I swear Incubus has the BEST timings and accurate lyrics for the various moments in life. should try shuffling them at every moment :)… (just an idea there)

work’s been absorbing me so much, right NOW I don’t want to keep on doing it. I want to get in bed and sleep 10 hours straight, I feel like i will not have the time for a life. Cranky mood and stuff, but at the same time is one of those moods you will thank later on.. in life or so… BUT yes, I’m definitely excited and tired and not feeling my back for a week now, bu is all good. 😀 I still have that smile i had when I got the call. yes, it doesn’t sound like it but i can take a picture showing it’s true!

guess my cranky mood’s owed to this letter i got by the side of my laptop, that’s for my boyfriend. It’s been sitting there for more than a week and I’m so very disorganized with my spare time i don’t get it done. And that leads me to think of him and stare at nothing for like half-hour (straight too) while he must be sleeping to get up at 3am to travel somewhere far away and get a surgery done. Oh he’s damn lovely, you guys should meet him HA 🙂

yeah, moving on now, good night!! yes! this was supposed to be why i haven’t been stalking your blogs and spamming your mails with “like” or “reblog” notifications. coming soon though 😉


WOOW is that some kind of a spa?!…. HA, I need some rest. 😛

Maui: | Towers | Resort | Beach Club |

I’ve been trying to write this post for about 2 weeks ago, but my computer and internet connection seems to be conspiring against me so i don’t! It’s been getting really annoying, so this time I hope to make it. I’m writing about a project I found when i was doing some research for a college thing, so I’m gonna tell you a little bit about it.


Is called Maui, and it’s located in Puerto Norte, more specifically in the area of Rosario, in Argentina. What I loved about it is the disposition seen from above, and of course the views from a lot of places which are very appealing (and even more to me since I can’t make views with that quality) every concept of urbanism used, I liked. But! also as I digged more into it, I noticed a lot of negative aspects to it. Anyways, see for yourself. Hope you had a really nice and relaxed weekend 🙂


Night view to the towers, used for business and apartments.


The Beach Club (fake little beach is working for me!) which is in between the towers.


Another one of the Beach Club. And the last one of the towers that I really liked.