Can’t sleep after a long day. Had a slight headache the entire day and i don’t even know why i’m still awake trying hard to sleep cause yes, tomorrow’s an early morning for me.
Though i wanted to get on this blog wagon again. I suddenly thought of our lowest point being one if our highest. Yep, guess i like to see everything on the bright side and think that, when people are about to give up, they are in an early stage of what in my opinion is one of the climax of their life, is when they prove themselves wrong and end up having this huge strenght and motivation. Strong, comitted and straight forward. The drive they got at the moment was built by the compilation of the really bad ones, and they only make us climb, advance as human beings and make us more complete persons. If thats so. I see it as a triangle pointing up, not down, and it’s up to each one to keep building this pyramid. Unbreakable and grounded.

Aaanyways, doon’ t know if this’ sh!# but hope you understand or at least think about it. Sowy! I’m maybe sleepy, listening to Interpol ( goooorg p.banks) and just writing what comes right from my headache.



if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. -B.



“There is no pleasure in life equal to that of the conquest of a vicious habit.”

Wednesday morning

Panama came over 🙂


De tanto que llegue a quererte, preferí huir.

quererte. Amarte.


“-have you said it?
-i love you, i can not live without you, you changed my life…
have you said it?

Grey’s always made me cry.